Trevira Drapes - Lightweight with a Silky Touch

White polyester Trevira Drape
White polyester Trevira Drape White Trevira Curtain with fullness Polyester Trevira Fabric

Trevira drapes are lightweight and silky

Trevira drapes offer a lightweight solution for any event. This flame retardant drapery fabric has a silky feel to it and is often used for car reveals, ceilings, marquees and flags. Lighting can be used to complement the smoothness of the material’s surface and help set the right mood for your occasion.

Our hire-stock mainly consists of white, silver, black and ivory Trevira drapes which have ties on top and a pipe pocket or weighting at the bottom. They are available in various sizes with and without fullness.

As the material comes in a wide range of colours our manufacturing team can create bespoke curtains to suit your needs. Fullness is often advised when using trevira to enhance its elegant look.

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