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White Voile Drapes
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Voile drapes are sheer and have fantastic light filtering qualities

Voile is a popular lightweight draping solution with translucent and light filtering properties. Voile drapes can be lit up for a transforming effect, and can be added in layers or installed with added fullness. If you are looking for a delicate and classic finish, or require a material to combine with lighting effects, voile draping is a great choice.

Blackout carry a large hire stock of white voile drapes, as well as a variety of other colours including silver, black and red, all in various sizes. We can also provide white voile drapes lined with sheeting or white filled cloth which gives a soft and elegant appearance with an opaque backing. White Voile can be used in combination with our LED Star Cloth for additional magical effect.

Blackout can hire voile drapes together with our Easibuild Pipe Structure which is a very straightforward solution for a freestanding system.

We also manufacture voile drapes in many shades to our client’s specification with various finishes available (fullness, ties, loops, eyelets, curtain hooks, weighted at the bottom).

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