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Kabuki - The Most Versatile Reveal?

We all love a good reveal! And, whether it’s unveiling a pop star or a new product the Kabuki drop is the go-to technique for a flawless effect every time. But how does the Kabuki drop mechanism work? Individual units clamp to the rig and hold your fabric – or whatever you’d like – into place, ready for the big moment. This is our most popular reveal product, and here’s a countdown of our own favourite reveals, showing just how versatile it can be.


If you’re brave enough to appear on Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice then you should know that strange things are about to happen to you. That was definitely the case for Ant McPartlin of duo Ant & Dec when he appeared on the show earlier his year. And our kabuki system *might* have been partly to blame! We showed that it’s not just fabric you can drop via kabuki. You can even drop a year’s supply of fish fingers onto someone’s head – if you so wish. We carefully timed the ‘well plaiced’ drop on behalf of client Freemantle Media. Net yourself some of the action and check out the drop over on YouTube:

Ant and Dec Fish Finger Kabuki Drop


Now, we know we’re going back in time a bit here, but what can we say – it was a classic, and truly showcased the scale of what can be achieved using the Kabuki system. For the official opening ceremony of the Millennium Dome on New Year’s Eve 1999 we installed a complex Kabuki system which was programmed to sequentially release a 600m circumference of gold drapes. This revealed the outer circumference of the dome to those seated in the central area. Even her Royal Majesty the Queen was impressed – admire her reaction to this special Kabuki drop reveal here:

Millenium Dome Blackout Kabuki


None other than JT himself referred to our system as the ‘fantastical kabuki’ so how could we not give him the top spot in our run down? Our draping and sewing team painstakingly hand manufactured a huge 3m wide by 4m high chandelier created using thousands of individual jewels. This concealed Justin from the cheering crowds ahead of his BRITS performance, and at the start of his first song we dropped it from a massive 120 kabuki points. The entire rig weighed a huge 1,200kilos, and with hundreds of strings of glass gems and beads we had just two run-throughs before the show to get it right. After all – can you imagine how long that took to untangle?! Watch the video here:

Justin Timberlake Blackout Kabuki

If you’d like to find out more about our kabuki drop systems – or discuss your draping and rigging requirements – contact the team today.

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