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Move it’s 10th anniversary

Blackout at Move It's 10th Anniversary

We have the privilege of seeing the shows that we work on year after year grow and develop. The UK’s biggest dance event, Move It, is one such show. This year, 13th – 15th February they celebrated their 10th anniversary with a fantastic show and event at Olympia Grand, with more than 24,000 dancers attending. Over three days the dancers, of all ages, could delight in an array of classes and spectacular performances.

Blackout at Move It's 10th Anniversary
Blackout at Move It's 10th Anniversary

Blackout’s Will Bryant has been working on Move It Dance for the past three years, and it has become a staple job in his diary. “It’s a fun job to do, and working with production company One Big Star and Production Managers Anna Anson and Vicki Evans from Ops Squad is always a pleasure. There are some tricky elements, such as the canopy roofs on the main stage and the freestyle stage, but they look great. Mostly it’s an event that brilliantly showcases the versatility of our Easibuild pipe and drape system, with which we built 9 dance studios for the occasion.”

Blackout at Move It's 10th Anniversary

From hip hop to contemporary and ballet, Move It 2015 hosted over 240 dance classes, ranging from beginners to advanced sessions. The main stage saw spectacular performances from an array of dance companies from across the UK. In addition to the main stage’s canopy roof, Blackout drapes also created the backdrop behind its led screen. On either side of the stage Blackout drapes created wings, separating the event from the neighbouring show Perform. Finally, our drapes also graced the Showcase stage and 9 dance studios, the latter were created by a total of 300 meters of pipe and drape!

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