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The five most versatile fabrics for event draping

Fabric is arguably the easiest and most versatile way to transform any venue, but which fabric should you choose? Jenny Clark heads up our sewing department and is the guru of all things fabric. Here, she runs through the five most versatile choices.

1. Cotton Casement

This cost-effective, lightweight and easy to work with fabric is often used to lower ceilings and create a clean, clutter-free look and feel. This good basic cotton comes in loads of colour variations, so can easily be matched to your overall theme. A temporary ceiling made from cotton casement can be easily and quickly hung using bungee cords and eyelets.

Blackout Top Tips: The Most Versatile Draping Materials

2. Voile

Voile is a soft, sheer fabric which can be used in one flat layer or gathered. This lightweight fabric has a variety of different uses but comes into its own when used to create feature areas and talking points. Layer up over star cloth or combine with artistic lighting and the effects are endless. Voile is light, cost effective and offers a sophisticated and classy finish.

3. Black wool serge

The staple of every draping company! Black wool serge is a thick, hard wearing fabric which offers brilliant sound absorption and buffering for any venue. This durable, reusable fabric is traditionally used for stage curtains and theatrical drapes and its heavyweight nature means it looks great when it’s hung. This fabric is perfect for creating breakout rooms, allowing you to change the space and dynamics of a venue to ensure it is the perfect fit for your event.

4. Sharkstooth gauze

With the right lighting Sharkstooth gauze fabric can create truly magical effects. Known professionally as Sharkstooth Scrim, it is often used in theatres as it can both reflect and transmit light – making it ideal for revealing scenery. Recently, we’ve seen an increase in uses at corporate events for ‘reveal’ effects which are quick and easy. It’s all about the lighting though – get this right and the gauze seems to completely dissolve, revealing the scene or product behind.

5. Velour

Velour is a plush fabric which can truly define the character of any venue or stage production. Ruby reds and classy crimsons are popular choices lending a regal look, but it is also available in plenty of other colours too. Velour fabric is a luxurious alternative to wool serge and can be tied with added fulness to create a rich finish.

Blackout Top Tips: The Most Versatile Draping Materials

Here at Blackout we have a manufacturing team that can create any bespoke fabric creation for your event. Our team is highly experienced and can provide a full manufacturing service for all types and sizes of fabrics, from bespoke sets and specialist drapes through to theatrical and venue refurbishments. All materials carry the relevant fire certification and can be finished to the exact requirements, so if you fancy adding the wow factor with any of these fabulous fabrics then make sure you get in touch today.

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