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We are experts in making custom drapes. Any size, any fabric

The manufacture of custom made drapes is an area which Blackout holds much expertise. Our very skilful sewing team are at hand to create any type of bespoke drape to our client’s specifications.

We can make custom drapes in standard and unconventional sizes, out of popular fabrics such as wool serge, velour, voile, trevira and filled cloth, or use alternative fabrics like organza, liquid lame, muslin or eclipse (blackout). We often supply festoon drapes, swags and printed/hand-painted banners for more complex creations.

The types of drapes and fabrics most in demand are all listed in our product area, but don’t worry if you can’t find what you’re after as our catalogue is vast.

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Blackout Bespoke Drape for Take That Tour 2015
  • Case Study

Our bespoke drape for Take That 2015 tour

Our sewing department manufactured a bespoke drape for Take That’s 2015 tour, used as the projection surface for a magical shadow puppetry scene, April 2015 – October 2015.

Blackout Top Tips: The Most Versatile Draping Materials
  • Top Tips

The five most versatile fabrics for event draping

Fabric is arguably the easiest and most versatile way to transform any venue, but which fabric should you choose? Jenny Clark heads up our sewing department and is the guru of all things fabric. Here, she runs through the five most versatile choices.