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Hire & Sales

Our informed Hire and Sales Department can quote for and organise any hire or bespoke manufacturing you may need. The team will work with you to ascertain what your requirements are, check stock availability, work out your specific requirements and email a detailed quote for consideration.

It’s useful to have dimensions to hand, plans, venue details and dates and have a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve prior to contacting us, however we will make suggestions and guide you through ideas where possible. We understand that sometimes our clients have last minute requests and need something in a hurry. If the timescale is achievable, we will assist with getting the kit booked in for you and arrange transport to your venue as swiftly as we can.

Pipe & Drape is the most popular product in our hire stock. The structure can be hired in conjunction with Black Wool Serge, Velour, Voile, Molton, Lamé, Trevira, as well as LED Starcloth in standard white light and RGB. For this we’ll need the width and drop of the areas you need to cover, whether you need gathering in the drape and any other specific details such as if you need it to be double sided.  We also have an extensive range of Pipe and Drape for sale in a silver finish which can be paired up with any suitable material which we can make into the appropriate drape for you.

Wool Serge Drapes

We will source fire certified material, send samples for approval and quote for manufacture as per your specification. This includes the option of printed drapes and banners.  Our creative drape technicians have the skills to make an impressive range of products; from a simple drape or truss sock, to Festoons, Austrians, string curtains, kabuki drapes, sails, bags and protective covers for equipment. Some of the most original projects they have worked on have included a drape made entirely of artificial flowers, and one comprising of mirrored glass pieces which was rigged around voile cube shape to create a reveal.

Alongside our extensive range and drapes and accessories we also have our rigging hire stock, with Trusses in Prolyte H30V, H40V, Superlite, Thomas 30.5, 52cm and 76cm, as well as circles in several sizes, along with a range of lifting hoists from 250kgs Prostars, half ton, one ton and two-ton lodestars and liftkets. This includes our stock of Kinesys automation products – from hoists to beam trolleys.

Other items in our hire stock include Roller screens, Kabuki Solenoids and Triple E Tab Track, auto reveals all of which are available as a sale items.

There is always someone in our Hire and Sales team available from Monday – Friday between 8.30 – 5.30pm.
Please call 0208 687 8400 or email with your enquiry.