Prolyte Truss H30V & H40V

Prolyte Truss H30V & H40V

The popular Prolyte H30V and H40V trusses are part of our large stock of rigging equipment. The trusses are available in both silver and black, and we have a variety of straight lengths from 0.21m to 4m. In addition, we have pre-made corners, box corners and associated components.

Electric Hoists

Electric Chain Hoists

We stock a range of hoists, including Lodestar, Prostar and Liftket

Thomas Superstruss System

Thomas Superstruss System

Available in black or silver. Sturdy design meant for heavy loads.

rigging gabled truss

Gabled Truss System

Makes the best use of space inside standard gabled marquees while supporting lighting and sound loads.

Rigging Ground Support Structures

Freestanding Ground Support Truss Structures

Simple banner structures

Rigging Masts

Rigging Masts

Do you need rigging masts to hang PA loudspeaker clusters or light fixtures? Our team expertly builds free-standing rigging masts for all sorts of events, so get in touch.

Circular Truss System

Circular Truss Systems

We carry a range of truss circles in various sizes and types including Prolyte, Superlite and Total Fabrications and Tomcat Trusses.

Thomas superlite Truss

Thomas Superlite Truss System

Despite its low weight it is still competitively strong, making it versatile and suitable to use across a range of different venue types.

Kinesys Control & Automation

Kinesys Control & Automation

Fully programmable control for hoists, winches and I-beam trolleys