Prolyte Truss H30V & H40V

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Prolyte H30V and H40V trusses are one of the most popular rental truss systems in Europe, an essential part of our stock in both London and Paris.

Our rental stock is available in both silver and black colours so it is suitable in environments ranging from exhibition rigging to television studio truss and live event structures. The Prolyte truss system is easy to use and features a large amount of additional components such as large base plates, box corners and truss circles, to make it the most effective truss in our range.

It provides a quick way to create a ground support structure or freestanding rigging mast as well as utilising our extensive spectrum of rigging to suspend it where required.

With an inventory of modular lengths from 210mm to 4m and ability to pin together to any length required, we use the system to create both simple and complex structures for lighting, sound, video, set or the ever flexible rental drapes and fabric ceilings.

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