Sharkstooth Gauze

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Sharkstooth Gauze is a wonderful fabric used in conjunction with appropriate lighting can create spectacular effects. It is also known as Scrim and is often used in theatres to create illusions and at corporate events for quick reveals.

When lit at a tilted angle from the front of a darkened set the material will appear solid. If light is gradually introduced from behind the gauze the scene behind will emerge for the audience to see. Once the light is removed from the front of the gauze it will become almost invisible. A combination of front and backlighting can create dreamlike three-dimensional effects. It can also be painted and used for projection purposes.

Blackout has an extensive stock of gauze drapes. The hire drapes colours include white, black and grey with ties on top for ease of installation.

Our manufacturing team can also produce bespoke gauze drapes to your specification with a choice of finishes (ties, eyelets etc.) and an option for a weighted pocket at the bottom. The range of larger widths available make it feasible to create drapes avoiding any visible seams.