H40V Middle Beam

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The H40V Middle Beam is a component of the H40V truss series. The extra middle beam in the bottom surface will guarantee safe and easy suspension of your LED panel, lighting unit or setpiece. Keeping the total load in the middle of your truss section, thereby avoiding unbalanced loading.

The H40V Middle Beam is constructed using aluminium tubes with a diameter of 48mm. It employs a triangular lattice structure, which provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio and structural stability.

The Middle Beam is available in various lengths, allowing for flexibility in designing truss systems. The load capacity of the Middle Beam depends on factors such as the span, support conditions, and the type of load applied. It is important to refer to the manufacturer’s load tables and guidelines for specific load capacity information.

The H40V Middle Beam utilizes a conical connector system which allows for quick and secure assembly of the truss elements, ensuring stability and load-bearing capacity.

H40V Middle Beam is designed to be compatible with other truss components from the H40V truss series. This compatibility allows for seamless integration and expanded possibilities when constructing truss structures of various sizes and configurations.

The H40V Middle Beam is commonly used in applications such as concerts, theatre productions, exhibitions, corporate events, and trade shows. It provides a sturdy framework for hanging lighting fixtures, audio equipment, LED screens, and other production elements.

As with any truss system, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, load tables, and safety protocols when working with the H40V Middle Beam to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the constructed systems.