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Dividers & SeparatorsTo facilitate social-distancing in the workplace during Covid-19

Blackout is focused on ways to use its expertise to help other businesses get back to work in a safer fashion during the Covid-19 Pandemic

As a result, we are now offering mobile dividers and separation curtains to create effective screening partitions within office and retail spaces, ensuring the implementation of social distancing at work.

Working with a company’s layout and circulation plans, we can supply our lightweight Easi-build pipe and drape system with a range of fabrics to divide and delineate spaces in multiple environments.  This solution is not only neat and presentable but also flexible to deal with the ever-changing needs of all businesses during this crisis.

All our divider fabrics comply with fire regulations and can be combined with sound-absorbing materials.

Blackout’s Pipe and Drape system provides an ideal solution for freestanding partitions with a choice of heavy and light material including sheer voiles to help keep spaces light and welcoming. It offers simple solutions to offices, warehouses, schools and spaces so that they can safely resume activities whilst respecting social distancing guidelines.

As interiors can differ, a DIY Easi-Build system lets users build curtain walls where needed, as the pipe & drape solution is adjustable in both height and width. Easi-Build kits can easily be converted into a completely different set-up when the current crisis is over, but those looking for a temporary solution can simply opt to rent the system for now.

For a more permanent option, flexible separation curtains can be mounted on a track to divide an open space into sections that can be opened or closed when needed. The same wide range of materials is possible here, in line with any interior.

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