Pipe & Drape Systems To Hire

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Our Pipe and Drape structure offers a quick and easy solution for setting up a freestanding frame with a backdrop.

It consists of baseplates and telescopic vertical (uprights) and horizontal poles (crossbars). Uprights are available from 3ft to 14ft high and Crossbars from 2ft to 12ft wide. The baseplates are 40cm x 40cm square in size.

Setting up the whole structure starts with positioning the upright poles into the baseplates and then connecting them with the crossbars. This way the pipe and drape sections can be adapted to the length required. Each upright has four slots on top so that the crossbars can also be connected to them at a right angle. For better stability, we recommend adding one or two-stage weights on each baseplate.

Easibuild pipe and drape can be combined with most of our stock hire drapes, often black wool sergevelourvoile and Molton drapes work very effectively. Starcloth is another of our products which can be used with our pipe structure.

The versatility of Blackout’s Pipe and Drape structure enables you to transform spaces for any event such as blackout areas, areas for masking, dressing rooms, cloakrooms, door baffles, tunnels, backdrops and storage areas.

Easibuild Pipe and Drape rental is available for hire in a black powder-coated finish or for sale in silver. We also offer our installation services for setting up the system.

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