Wool Serge Drapes

Black Wool Serge Drapes
Black Wool Serge Drapes Pipe and Drape Structure with black wool serge drape kit Fire retardant black curtains Flame retardant black wool serge fabric Flame retardant Grey Wool Serge Fabric

Wool Serge Drapes are great Backdrops or simply Acoustic Curtains

Wool Serge Drapes are Blackout’s most popular rental and sale product. Their adaptability ensures they can be used across a wide range of projects - often used for masking and obscuring light, space dividing, stage curtains or to cover up any seating areas. The material itself is extremely sound absorbent so can assist with acoustics at your venue.

Our wool drapes colour range consists of a vast stock of Black, with Grey, Blue, Red and Chroma Key also available in many sizes.

All backdrops meet European flammability requirements. Wool Serge Drape hire are fitted with ties at the top for ease of installation, along with a pipe pocket at the bottom which allows weighting with tube or chain.

Our standard sizes for wool serge drapes are as follows:

Widths - 1.5m, 3m, 4.5m,6m, 7.5m and 9m

Drops – 0.6m, 0.9m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 6m, 7.5, 8m, 9m, 10m, 10.5m, 11m, 12m, 14m, 15m, 18m

Pipe and Drape

Black Wool Serge Drapes are often used in combination with the Easibuild Pipe Structure. This is a system of telescopic upright poles, crossbars and baseplates. It is a very versatile solution for most events including exhibition stands, dressing rooms and room dividers.

Our Pipe structures range from 3-14ft height, with widths of between 2-12ft with the ability to create right angles.

Curtain Track

To complement our Wool Serge Drapes, Blackout carries one of the largest hire stocks of "Triple E Unitrack" in Europe, an adaptable and strong modular tracking system for both drapes and scenery. There are also a variety of curves and circles for any specialised requests. Tab track can be set up as centre opening or side swipe. Motorised track drive units are available for hire and these can be controlled singularly or in multiples.

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