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Blackout were approached by Kate Wright and Lisa Shenton of Papilo Productions on behalf of BRIT Awards Ltd who helped to realise the show design of Bruce French. This required an installation of a mother grid over the stage to provide the infrastructure to suspend the Ogle Hog LED screens and integrated steel frame set illuminated with LED strips. In addition to supplying the lighting trusses and additional rigging for PRG a series of trusses were installed to hang Britannia Row’s new L’accoustics PA system – making its debut in the Albert Hall.

This involved rigging 7 main hangs plus subs along with a truss cable management system.Custom made black voile drapes helped frame the set on each side and a massive hire stock 18m drop black wool serge back drop was used.

The installation was achieved by utilising the house hoists and supplementary hoists from Blackouts extensive rental stock. Blackout Director Kevin Monks worked closely with The Royal Albert Hall’s technical team including John Quigley and Alex Tripp. Monks commented “we always enjoy working in the Albert Hall as their rigging system is simple and effective to work with and the technical team are always so accommodating and helpful. The way they have the hall set up means that it’s much easier to install the complexity of a show like the Classic BRIT Awards within the timeframe we have.”

Lisa Shenton said “Blackout are an asset to any production. They are professional, take a brief no matter how complex and deliver without exception. From management, riggers onsite to the warehouse staff you know you are in safe hands.”

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