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Kabuki is a popular and versatile reveal effect, using individual solenoid activated units which clamp to a bar/truss by half coupler (These can be spaced as appropriate for the fabric/item to be dropped).

Blackout carries one of the largest hire stocks of "Triple E Unitrack" in Europe, an adaptable and strong modular tracking system for both drapes and scenery. There are also a varied selection of curves and circles for specialist requirements. Motorised track drive units are available for hire and these can be controlled singularly or in multiples.

Kinesys' automation system provides a fully programmable control for hoists, winches and I-beam trolleys. Here at Blackout we use Kinesys to ensure repeatable millimetre accuracy of movement.

Our bespoke carbon-fibre rollers screens are modular, high-strength and lightweight. Suitable for both front and rear projection, we offer screen sizes up to 12 meters and speeds up to 0.9m/sec.

This dramatic reveal system allows you to launch your product at the push of a button with the unveiling cloth being pulled into the box to disappear without a trace.

All our projection screens are made to measure and are not available as hire-stock. Our projection screens are of high quality and suitable for front and rear projection. Finishing details enables the screens to be attached to external frames such as a truss structure.

Do you need a starcloth on a permanent basis, or maybe you have a unique design in mind? We have a skilled manufacturing team with substantial experience in creating all manners of starcloth designs.