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Our most popular product, wool serge hangs beautifully and is a great sound absorber. We have a vast stock with multiple widths, starting from 1.5m, and numerous lengths. Select from a range of colours, including Black, Grey and Dark Blue.

If you are looking for a theatrical and highly aesthetic finish, DFR velvet velour provides a great alternative to wool serge.

Drapes are event essentials allowing you to completely change a space by creating temporary walls or lower ceilings, and make it look more polished.

Casement is cost-effective, lightweight and easy to work with. Perfect for masking unsightly ceilings

If you need to completely block out the light in your event area, we have multiple total blackout drapes to choose from, which come in a range of different colours, weight and textures. Whether you have something specific in mind or need guidance, our sales team will be happy to help.

Kabuki is a popular and versatile reveal effect, using individual solenoid activated units which clamp to a bar/truss by half coupler (These can be spaced as appropriate for the fabric/item to be dropped).

This dramatic reveal system allows you to launch your product at the push of a button with the unveiling cloth being pulled into the box to disappear without a trace.

Do you need a starcloth on a permanent basis, or maybe you have a unique design in mind? We have a skilled manufacturing team with substantial experience in creating all manners of starcloth designs.